Born in 1948, I started to learn about art at a very early age, playing with colors and art materials in my father's Art Design and Restoration studio.
In 1963, I was accepted in the Fine Arts High School N. Tonitza in Bucharest, Romania where I studied art techniques including drawing, painting, graphics, engraving, sculpture, fresco, mosaic and ceramics.
After finishing the Fine Art High School, I attended the University of Bucharest Art Institute, graduating in 1974 with a Master’s degree in Graphic Arts Design.
Since 1980 when I relocated to California, I worked as a Graphic Designer and Art Director in the San Francisco Bay Area until 2002 when I retired from the corporate world and started Adrian Litman Art & Design Studio. I create an eclectic body of commissioned art pieces for Civic Public Art, Corporate and private clients, including custom paintings, murals, frescoes, mosaics, sculptures, stained glass panels, fountains and wall treatments, all of which facilitate the harmonious integration of art with architecture.


1964 - 1968 - Fine Arts High school "N. Tonitza" -  Bucharest, Romania.
1968 - 1974 - University of Bucharest Art Institute "N. Grigorescu",  Bucharest, Romania.                                                                     Master in Graphic Arts Design .

Civic and Commercial completed art projects:


* City of Los Altos, CA 

   "Cosmic Bliss" - stainless steel kinetic sculpture - 14'H x 8'W x 8'D. Installed in downtown Los Altos, CA in March 2022.

* City of Mountain View, CA - Pyramid Park

   "Magic Birds" - stainless steel kinetic sculpture - 15'H x 6'W x 6'D.   
   "Shoreline Wonders" - Copper and CorTen sculpture - 15'H x 5'W x 5'D. Installed in February 2022.

   * City of Palm Desert, CA

   "Celestial Cluster" - Stainless steel kinetic sculpture - 13'H x 6'W x 6'D.
   Installed in November 2020. 

* City of Cloverdale, CA

   "Tame the Fire" - Stainless steel sculpture - 14'H x 3'W x  6'L. Installed in August 2020. 

   "After Tubbs" - Painted wood block sculpture. 7'H x 6'W x 4'D. Installed in August 2020. 

* City of Santa Rosa, CA.

   "Splash & Fire" - Stainless steel sculpture installed in front of  Fire  Station #1.  8'H x 6'W x 2'D.  Installed in February 2020.

* City of Milpitas, CA - Centre Pointe.

   "Convergent Energies" - Stainless steel sculpture for Centre Point new condo development entrance.  16'H x 12' Diameter. Installed in December, 2019. 

* City of Elk Grove, CA.

   “Historic Elk Grove” - Mural design depicting the milestones in the City of Elk Grove history from 1850’s to nowadays. 10’H x 25’L. Installed in November, 2019.

* City of Elk Grove, CA.

   “The Grapes of Wrath” – Stainless steel sculpture installed in the Alley of the Arts next to the new Community center. 4’x4’x12’. Installed in May, 2019.

* City of Milpitas, CA - Centre Pointe.

   “Scape Undulations” - Powder coated steel and stainless steel components low relief design on a 4'H x 180'L concrete wall. Installed in April, 2019.

* City of Pasadena, CA - downtown location.

   "Galactic Cluster" - Kinetic sculpture - 10' diameter and 16' high. Installed in March 2018.

* City of Los Altos, CA - Village Park

   "Alegria" - Kinetic sculpture - 8' diameter and 15' high - August 2017.

* City of Geyserville, CA - Sculpture Park.
   "Cosmic Fusion" - 15' tall kinetic sculpture - installed in May 2016.

* City of Geyserville, CA - Sculpture park

   “Silver Tulip" - 7'W x 3'D x 15' tall kinetic stainless steel sculpture   2017.

* City of Cloverdale, CA - downtown.

   "Morphing Orbits" - 15' tall kinetic sculpture - installed in May 2016.

* City of Cloverdale, CA - downtown.

   "The Four Seasons" - 15' tall metal sculpture - 2017.

* City of Hillsboro, OR - downtown.

   "Dynamic Orbits" - 17' high stainless steel kinetic sculpture - installed on Oct. 1st, 2016.

* City of Los Altos, CA - Village Park.

   "Magic Garden" - 14' tall sculpture - installed in August 2015.

* City of Napa, CA.

   "Celestial Orbits"- 14' high sculpture installed in downtown Napa, CA. Completed in 2013.

* City of Milpitas, CA - Alviso Adobe Park art project.

   Large outdoor "Historic Farm Wagon" sculpture. Completed in December 2012.

* City of Marin, CA - Martin Luther King School.

   "MLK Legacy" Art on acoustical panels installation. Completed in 2011.

* City of Milpitas, CA - The new Senior Center art project.

   Four wall sculptures, Fireplace mosaic and large Mural. Completed in 2011.

* City of Milpitas, CA.

   "Birds of Paradise" -The Transit Shelter art project. Completed in 2011.

* City of Napa, CA.

   "Chinook" sculpture - The Napa River Art program. - 14' high metal sculpture. Completed in 2010.

* Stanford University School of Law - Stanford, CA.

   "The Four Elements of the Universe" - Six sculptures, one fresco and six paintings project for the lobbies of the five newly constructed Munger buildings on Campus. Completed in 2010.

* City of Campbell Development Dept. - Campbell, CA.

   "Elegant Energy" - 250 SF mosaic design for the Park Towne Place located in the Historic downtown Campbell, CA. Completed in 2011.

* Kaiser Permanente Hospital - Fremont, CA.

   "Phoenix Resurrection" - 14' H metal sculpture - Completed in February 2012.

* DIAP Architects & Planners - San Mateo, CA.

   Fresco a secco on cement panels 50"x74" - reception area. Completed in 2008. Several Stained Glass Window designs. Office area. Completed in 2010.

* El Farolito Restaurant - Healdsburg, CA. 

   Interior wall sculpture and outdoor signs project. Completed in October 2014.

* Da Anza Cupertino Aquatic Center - San Jose, CA.

   "Youth Dynamics" - Stainless steel sculpture - 4' x 34' - suspended above the swimming pool. Completed in 2012.
   Stained glass window - 5.5' x 5.5' - reception area. Completed in 2012.

* Fremont Surgery Center , MedSpa29 - Fremont, CA.

   Copper and brass water feature sculpture. 3'x3'x9'. Completed in 2008.
   Stained Glass window - 3' x 3'. Reception area. Completed in 2009.

* Mental Health Association of Alameda County , CA.

   Complex sculpture hanging design to improve the looks and acoustical quality of the offices. Completed in 2008.

* Humane Society - Palo Alto, CA.

   Animal copper design sculptures for display on six windows (6'x8'). Completed in 2008.

* Alameda County Art Commission, Oakland, CA.

   Alternate mosaic design for the new Castro Valley Public Library. Completed in 2007.

* San Francisco Perinatal Associates - San Francisco, CA.

   12 oil paintings project for a new 10,000SF medical office. Completed in 2007.

* Rackable Systems - Fremont, CA.

   Oil painting - 48x48" - purchased for the permanent collection. Completed in 2007.
* City of Santa Rosa, CA. - Finalist for the Meter Made art project. 2016
* City of Wylie, TX. - Finalist for the Disc Golf Park art project. 2016.
* City of Davis, CA. - Finalist for the 3rd. street art project. 2012.
* City of Snoqualmie, WA - Finalist for the new Community Center sculpture design. 2011.
* City of Santa Clarita, CA - Finalist for the Aquatic Center Mural design. 2010.
* Union City Art Board - Union City , CA. - Finalist metal art design for the Union City Sports center.
Completed in 2009.
* Adams County Visual Arts Commission - Brighton, CO. - Finalist metal art design for the new
Government building. Completed in 2009

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